The latest Amazon Web Services outage last weekend was apparently the last straw for one of the company s customers, an online dating service that has decided to end its relationship with the Seattle company and hook up with another hosting provider.

Unlike most breakups, this one comes with its own news release.

The site is called, and it s an interesting one, for sure. It lets generous people (who might, um, otherwise have trouble getting noticed on dating sites) score first dates with attractive people by bidding for the opportunity. Hmm.

Based in Las Vegas (of course), the site has decided to switch to a hosting provider in the same city.

The dating site says in its news release, When Amazon s EC2 service experienced an outage on June 14, was flooded with thousands of member complaints. Repeated calls into Amazon s support team yielded no response. So, when the AWS experienced yet another outage this past weekend, decided to permanently move its website over to a Las Vegas-based hosting facility.

Sites including Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest were also knocked offline by the outage. In an explanation of the incident, Amazon said the outage, caused by severe thunderstorms, affected a single digit percentage of its EC2 instances in the East region.

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