SEATTLE -- April is the prime time to apply for college scholarship and there are lots of ways to help students and parents navigate through the often overwhelming process.

Experts say to first log on to legitimate scholarship websites. Create a profile that'll help narrow down your search.

There is a scholarship for everyone, you just need to keep applying, said Lyanne Asada with Northwest Education Loan Association.

Northwest Education Loan Association is a non-profit center in Seattle that helps students find and apply for scholarships and financial aid.

Asada said it's important to you keep up your grades since many scholarships are merit-based.

When students apply, highlight your accomplishments, awards and community service.Typically there's an essay portion on the application. Here's a tip -- use what you've already written for college applications and tailor that essay for scholarship ones.

What I suggest to students, think about every characteristic about yourself whether male or female, whether you have an interest in sports, arts or music. Maybe you have a hobbyor passion for something. Think about those types of things you're interested in and pursue those types of scholarships, said Asada.

Then, start setting some goals.

I actually set a deadline for myself to apply for one or two every week.I got between $15,000 and $20,000 in total, said student Mika Smith, who continues to look for scholarships to pay for nursing school.

Experts warn people to watch out for scams. Students should never pay a fee to apply for scholarships.Legitimate websites are always free. Also, never give your social security number.

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