On Thursday, we asked you on Facebook what you think is behind the Mariners low attendance. Out of more than 250 responses, the most common answer was the cost of going to a game.

Let s see, ticket prices, food and beverages, showing baseball every night, and the economy, said Matt Gonzales.

Why should I go to the stadium and pay 60bucks to feed my family when I can make the same meal take it to the park and listen to the game on the radio for maybe 15 bucks, said Megan Guzman.


But others suggested fans would find the money if the team would start winning.

Seattle fans are fair-weather fans. Period. If the team is winning, they ll find the money to attend! said Victoria Heindel.

Until they get back on a streak, the fan-base just will not be there. Take a look at the Sounders for example. Records every game just about. It's a great game but the atmosphere is electric, all the time. That just isn't there with the Mariners, said Brian Bundridge.

Losing does that. I'm sure they'll be back as soon as the team wins, said Brad Brickley.

The team s inability to connect with fans! When you have losing records for 8 straight seasons and every acquisition they have brought in has not quite panned out. It gets pretty old, said Kelly Pritchard.

So that brings up the next question: Which would make you more likely to start attending Mariners games -- the team becomes a playoff contender or they slash the price of going to a game? Take part in our Facebook poll.

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