How much time should couples spend trying to keep their relationships on track? According to researchers at the esteemed Gottman Institute, there's a magic number: five hours a week. Gottman-certified therapist, Patricia Worthey, Ph.D., joined Margaret to break down those magical five hours.

1. Partings (2 minutes per day)

  • Warm farewells
  • Six-second kiss
  • Find out one interesting thing about your partner's day

2. Reunions (20 minutes per day)

  • Six-second kiss
  • Stress-reducing conversations

3. Appreciation (5 minutes per day)

  • Share at least two appreciations of your partner

4. Affection (5 minutes per day)

  • Show warm affection by touching and playing with each other often

5. Weekly Date (2 hours per week)

  • 2 hours with no other people
  • Ask questions
  • RELAX!

Gottman Institute resources:

  • Information about The Art & Science of Love Weekend Workshop
  • Find a certified Gottman therapist in your area
  • information on Gott Sex? online video series. (

To check out Dr. Pat Worthey's website, please click here.

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