BELLINGHAM, Wash. A 10-year-old boy with a BB gun saved his mother s life after she was attacked by a man renting a room at their home Tuesday.

Bellingham Police say they were called to the home in the Roosevelt neighborhood around 7 a.m.

The homeowner, 46, told police that the 45-year-old man renting from her came home, apparently drunk and angry because his room was in disarray.

The renter allegedly kicked in the bedroom door, attacked the woman and started choking her.

He assaulted the female while she was in bed tried to strangle her, said Office Mark Young with the Bellingham Police Department, and during the commotion her young son came to her rescue.

The boy swung a board at the attacker, who chased the 10-year old through the house. In the commotion the attacker, identified by police as Paul R. Newman ended up locked out of the house and trying to climb in through a window. When the mother tried to close the window he grabbed her and threatened to kill both of them.

That's when the boy ran and got his pump action BB gun.

He shot him. said Officer Young, at least four times we believe.

It was enough to end the attack. The boy and his mom were able to run from the house and dial 911.

Paul Newman was hospitalized for treatment and will face felony assault and harassment charges. Police call him a frequent flyer, somebody they have had nearly 50 contacts with and who has been arrested dozens of times over the last ten years or so.

He's a tough little kid, one neighbor said of the 10-year-old boy. I guess he was just trying to save his mom.

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