Forty-nine percent of people who identify themselves as Republicans don t know what their party s other common designation -- GOP -- stands for, according to a new Vanity Fair / CBS News poll.

The survey of 1,165 adults nationwide found that 51 percent of Republicans correctly knew GOP stands for Grand Old Party.

The next highest number, 34 percent, thought it meant Government of the People. Five percent said it was Grumpy Old People and 5 percent said they didn t know. Four percent think it means God s Own Party and 1 percent think it s Gauntlet of Power.

Democrats fared worse on the question, with 38 percent giving the correct answer. Thirty-nine percent said Government of the People. Ten percent said they simply didn t know.

Other revelations from the poll:

  • Most Republicans think character is the most important characteristic for a president, followed by intelligence and conviction. Democrats and independents chose intelligence, character and conviction in that order.
  • More than half of Democrats think Russia and China are allies of the United States, while more Republicans see them as enemies. Israel is seen as an ally by a majority of members of both parties, while they mostly see Saudi Arabia as an enemy.
  • Both liberals and conservatives trust journalists far more than politicians, but by vastly different numbers. Ninety-one percent of liberals trust journalists compared to the 3 percent that trust politicians. Among conservatives, 67 percent trust journalists while 9 percent trust politicians, but 24 percent said they couldn t decide.
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