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SEATTLE A bronze statue of late Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus was unveiled Friday at Safeco Field.

The statue captures the Hall of Fame broadcaster at a desk, behind a microphone, wearing headphones with his Mariners scorebook in front of him. There is an empty seat next to the statue, so fans can sit next to Dave and pose for photos.

Dave's longtime broadcast partner Rick Rizzs presided over a private ceremony to unveil the statue.

Dave is wearing a favorite necktie with tiny baseballs on it and a sport coat. He's holding a pencil in his right hand and wearing the 2001 All-Star Game ring on his left. The scorebook in front of him is open to the American League Division Series game against the New York Yankees in 1995.

The scorebook is so detailed, you even see the word Unbelievable scribbled -- and misspelled -- at the top in Dave's handwriting. One person in attendance said Dave often misspelled the word because he was writing so fast.

That's unreal, said former Mariner Jay Buhner as he looked at the artistry.

That game was won when Edgar Martinez hit a double down the left field line and Ken Griffey Jr. slid into home. The pages are engraved with Dave s actual notes and scoring of the game.

Artist Lou Cella looked at dozens of photos before creating the piece, which was first sculpted in clay, then cast in bronze.

The statue is located on the Main Concourse near Section 105 in right centerfield.

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