SPOKANE -- Gracie and Ruby Weichman walked onto the field at Avista Stadium on Monday nightexpecting to onlyplay a game between innings, but they wound upgetting much more than that.

Thetwinfour-year-old sisters won their contest, and thenreceived an extra prize after that. Their father, Sgt. Chris Weichman, who just returned from his third tour of dutyin Afghanistan, strolled out of the Indians dugout. It was a huge surprise to the girls, who didn't know their dad was home.

Sgt. Weichman quickly fell to his knees in tears, while his daughters sprinted across the field to be reunited with their dad. The crowd in attendance rose to its feetfor an emotionalstanding ovation.

The night was a winner for everyone. The Spokane Indianstook down the Yakima Bears for a1-0 victory in what turned out to be a very memorable night for one local family.

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