AUBURN, Wash. Chase Bank has issued an apology for having a customer arrested for trying to cash a Chase cashier s check at a bank branch in Auburn.

Ikenna Njoku, 28, was accused of forging the check which had been mailed to him by Chase.The customer banker who handles large checks for the Chase branch told KING 5 the check looked fake, so she called police. Njoku was arrested and taken to jail June 24, 2010.

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The next day, Chase Special Investigations realized there had been a mistake and the check was legitimate.According to the police report, the investigator left a voice mail for a detective, but it was her day off, so no one heard the message until the following Monday.

Njoku spent five days and four nights in jail before being released.

This is a very unfortunate and unusual situation, wrote Darcy Donahoe-Wilmot of Chase Public Relations. We apologize to Mr. Njoku and deeply regret what happened to him. We are working quickly to understand all the details so we can reach a fair resolution.
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