TACOMA,Wash. -- Rob Rang stands before his second period history class, reciting facts and figures.

That s how they got them to buy into the totalitarian system.

The Mount Tahoma High School teacher can easily recite World War II history, like the rise of the Russian Empire.

He used terror.

It s a passion, for the Mount Tahoma High graduate.

I love the opportunity to help students achieve their potential, said Rang.

In fact, he not only evaluates high school students, but college kids as well.

When I go to sleep at night, I m usually thinking of two things: the next day s lesson plan and the next day s mock draft.

Rang is one of the country s foremost NFL draft analysts, widely published and heard on the radio this time of year. It s essentially another full time job for the Central Washington University grad, who handles some of the draft workload during his planning session.

He steps outside to his soundproof studio, a blue Honda Accord, and moves right into another mode.

He could slip to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 20...

The Eagles could really use a physical press quarterback...

The New Orleans Saints, biggest concerns are on the defensive side of the ball...

Rang says he just kind of fell into the second career. He spent hours on weekends watching college football game tape and posting his reviews online.

Some of those players made it big, so when people saw that, I developed a bit of a cult following, so to speak, and it s just continued to grow, expand, said Rang, who admits he s been approached by NFL teams for scouting positions, but has been reluctant to leave his students.

I get to do two things that I really love. I know I would miss the kids coming in the door and saying hi to me and seeing them grow, intellectually speaking.

Rang believes Jake Locker will be selected in the top-16 of Thursday s draft, and the Seahawks will select Jimmy Smith, a cornerback from Colorado.

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