AUBURN, Wash. -- An SUVrear-endeda school bus in Auburn Tuesday, injuring several people.

The crash happened at 2:56 p.m. near 800 Harvey Road Northeast in Auburn.

The driver of the SUVswerved to avoid a sudden stop, and rear-ended the school bus in thenext lane, police said.The crash caused the hood of the SUVto become partially lodged underneath the school bus.Themale driver in thatcar had to be extricated by firefighters. He was transported toHarborview Medical Center by helicopterwith unknown injuries.

A car in front of the bus was also involved in the crash. A male passenger in that car was also taken to the hospital, but with minor injuries.

The female driverof the bus sustainedminor injuries.

Only two students, both teenage males, were on board the bus at the time. Neither of them were injured.

The bus was from the MuckleshootSchool District.

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