SEATTLE Alaska Airlines has placed an order for 15 Next-Generation Boeing 737 airplanes.

In a joint press release Tuesday morning, Boeing and Alaska said the order is for 13 737-900ERs (extended range) and two 737-800s. The 737-900ER is a new model for the Alaska Airlines fleet.

The order, which includes exercised options that were previously placed by Alaska, is valued at $1.3 billion at list prices.

The reliability and efficiency of our 737 fleet has been a direct contributor to our strong financial performance, said Brad Tilden, president of Alaska Airlines in the press release. The 737-900ER will be a perfect fit for our transcontinental, high traffic west coast and mid-continental markets and will be the most fuel efficient airplane in our fleet. We look forward to adding the same 'Proudly All Boeing' logo to these airplanes that already adorns the rest of our 737 fleet.

The 737-900ER can carry up to 26 more passengers or fly about 500 nautical miles farther than the 737-900. Alaska says the longer range will allow it to fly to cities further apart, such as a Seattle to Orlando, Fla. flight.

Alaska says it plans to operate the aircraft with between 178 and 184 seats.

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