SEATTLE -- One in four kids are bullied according to statistics. It is a problem some are trying to solve with products. From backpacks to cell phone apps, there are some new ways to fight back against bullies.

The iSAFE backpack is marketed as something a child can use if they feel their safety is in danger because of a bully. It comes with a cord the child can pull that sounds an alarm. It costs about $60.

For $10 a month a parent can buy an app for your child's cell phone. It will scan texts and emails for language that might indicate bullying is going on, and if it is found the parent receives analert. It is available at

Then there's, whichdoesn't cost a dime. It's a website where kids can anonymously detail encounters with bullies. School officials are able to view the postings.

University of WashingtonProfessor Karin Frey just completed an anti-bullying program with SeattlePublic schools. She took a look at these products and the website. Frey says the cell phone app interests her.

I could imagine wanting to know more about this as a parent. A lot of the time these things do happen underground. What this would do is trigger that conversation with someone who could be supportive, says Frey.

Professor Frey recommends parentsalso look at what anti-bullying programs or resources their child's school offers.

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