SEATTLE Most Western Washington drivers will start using a hands free device when talking on their cell phone after a new state law goes into effect Thursday, a new KING 5 poll finds.

Until midnight Thursday, talking on your cell phone while driving without a hands-free device such as a Bluetooth is a secondary offense. That means an officer has to pull you over for something else, first.

The new law will make it a primary offense, so if an officer sees you with the phone to your ear, they can pull you over and give you a $124 ticket.

With the help of SurveyUSA, KING 5 polled 564 local cell phone owners who drive. 63 percent say that, currently, they always or sometimes use a hands free device when talking on their phone while driving. 33 percent say they never use one.

When asked about what their habits will be under the new law, 60 percent say they will always use a hands free device while 17 percent say they'll do it some of the time. 17 percent say they still won't use a hands free device.

Whatif the phone rings and you need to answer it, but you don't have a hands free option? Currently, 71 percent say they have gone ahead and answered the phone while 27 percent say they haven't. When the new law takes effect, 48 percent say they will answer the phone while 44 percent say they won't.

Want to know what's allowed and not allowed?Click here for our FAQ on the new law.

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