SEATTLE - Covington contractor John Mulinski showed up at the King County Courthouse facing two counts of contracting without a license.

He was walking tough and talking quick.

About an hour later... Mulinski left that courtroom in handcuffs, with a slow gait and a quiet tongue.

So, how did we get here?

As a condition of his release on those charges, Mulinski was ordered not to perform any contracting without registration.

My investigation last night revealed that he signed a contract and took thousands of dollars from Dewan Puri to work on a Bellevue restaurant not long after the judge s order.

I asked Mr. Puri how much he paid Mr. Mulinski. His answer: Over $100,000.

Then I asked what he s received in return. Mr. Puri said, I haven t gotten anything yet.

State regulators say Mulinski, whose registration is currently suspended, used the registration of another business called United Services LLC to continue working. Richard Brandan is listed as the business owner.

I asked him who owns United Services LLC. Brandan s response: You find out what I m doing, I m preaching to white people.

But the checks to United Services LLC were endorsed by John Mulinski.

And according to Labor and Industries, he was not named in any employee lists required by the agency.

After hearing the evidence, Judge Mark Chow made his decision.

I'm taking him into custody. You are in violation of the conditions of your release, he said.

Mulinski was held on $10,000 bond.

He also faces 13 criminal counts of construction malfeasance in California. Those charges include diverting construction funds and contracting without a license.

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