SEATTLE - The nightmare of any artist is you wake up one day and have nothing to say - nothing to paint.

That s exactly what happened to local artist Isa D Arleans.

I needed to go hide for a while, says D Arleans. Both she and a painting she called Peace, Freedom, and Hope went into hibernation.

I started painting it September 12.

Yes, that September 12. The day after our world changed.

It was the feeling I had to get out. It was everybody s feeling, says D Arleans.

The 10-foot by 15-foot mural was created, the artist says, with the intention of creating a visual field of connectedness, encouraging human kind to reflect and embrace one another s culture in times of world confusion. The painting's dramatic images and brilliant colors in spire hope and express the determination of the human spirit to triumph over tragedy .

The mural was supposed to be a permanent gift to New York City, but for the past eight years, it s been rolled up in a tube in Isa D Arleans garage.

Not anymore. After almost a decade in hibernation, the mural is finally come out of storage, out of hiding. And so has Isa.

I m painting again, says D Arleans. Painting with gusto. And now, Isa is determined to get the piece to New York City for the tenth anniversary of the tragedy.

It will happen, says D Arleans with a smile.

Meantime she s offering local peace related organizations the opportunity to display the work in the city where it was created, Seattle.

For more information about the mural and the artist, you can visit

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