SEATTLE One month into his term as mayor, slightly more Seattleites approve of the job Mike McGinn is doing than disapprove. And, they seem to agree with McGinn's idea that additional lanes on a new 520 floating bridge should be for light rail, not carpools.

According to a KING 5 News Poll, conducted by SurveyUSA, 40 percent of residents approve of McGinn's job performance. 36 percent disapprove. The rest are undecided.

On Tuesday, McGinn voiced concern about plans for the replacement of the four-lane 520 bridge. The proposed six-lane bridge would include two general purpose lanes and one carpool lane in each direction. McGinn wants the carpool lanes used for mass transit instead. That suggestion has drawn the ire of Gov. Chris Gregoire, who says such a change would delay construction.

The current bridge is at risk of sinking in a big earthquake or windstorm.

When asked about the 520 bridge problem, 57 percent of those polled say they think it is very or somewhat important to replace the bridge. As for how many lanes the new bridge should be, nearly two-thirds say it should be six lanes.

If it is a six lane bridge, 46 percent say the two additional lanes should be for light rail while 33 percent say they should be HOV lanes.

Five hundred Seattle adults were polled for this survey.

Click here for complete interactive crosstabs of this poll.

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