LAKEWOOD, Wash. Police said Thursday night they are not done making arrests related to the murder of four police officers. The search continues for associates of accused police killer Maurice Clemmons.

Six people have already been arrested in the case, and the Pierce County Sheriff's Office says detectives are looking to arrest two more people who they say helped Clemmons elude capture.

Clemmon's half-brother, Rickey Hinton, was formally charged Thursday with rendering criminal assistance after detectives say he coordinated Clemmons' escape, lied to police and destroyed evidence.

Two brothers, Eddie Lee Davis and Douglas Edward Davis, are charged with rendering criminal assistance.

Darcus Allen, a convicted killer who served time with Clemmons in an Arkansas prison, is also charged with rendering criminal assistance. He's accused of driving the getaway truck for Clemmons. Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist says he has not ruled out filing murder charges against Allen.

Two women Clemmons' 52-year-old aunt and a 26-year-old female friend, are expected to be charged Friday. Police say the aunt drove Clemmons around in the hours after the shooting. They say the friend bought gauze and peroxide for the gunshot wound Clemmons suffered at the coffee shop. She also apparently washed his bloody clothes.

A fundraiser was held Thursday night at the Schooner Pub and Restaurant in Lakewood for the four officers: Sgt. Mark Renninger and officers Tina Griswold, Greg Richards and Ronald Owens. All four had children.

By selling t-shirts with the officers' names and auctioning off a few items, organizers hope to raise thousands of dollars which will go directly to the families of the fallen officers.

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