Video: Save money with Tiny Tots Travel

Arno Pasquali is visiting from Belgium, and he and the in-laws are planning a little Northwest outing.

"And, we're going to have a hiking and I've a baby of 17 months," he said.

Instead of hauling a back-pack all the way from Brussels, Arno rented one .

He gets the goods for $5.50 for a day.

As a mother of three, Amie Brenner knows the needs of traveling parents.

"On a trip to Hawaii, we had to bring the car seat, the stroller. We needed a place for the baby to sleep, toys. It was, quite a hassle," said Brenner.

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So she created Tiny Tots Travel, a place that rents all sorts of baby gear.

If you're planning on heading on a big vacation you know you want to keep baby from crying.

Chances are you'll find a baby rental gear place out there to keep the baby happy.

"Baby travel pros dot com is an association that has a list of all the companies," said Brenner.

And before you say, "but I don't have kids," think of this:

"The people that live here in this area that are having visitors coming. They often feel like they need to go out and buy a new high chair and crib and toys for these people that are coming to stay with them and they don't need to do that," said Brenner.

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