Video: Wrongly accused man set free

KENT, Wash. - A young man who was set to go on trial for murder Tuesday is free after prosecutors admitted he wasn't their man.

Glenn Proctor spent 11 months and one week behind bars, much of it in solitary confinement, at the Regional Justice Center in Kent.

Proctor says despite that, he's not angry or bitter.

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"That's negative. I'm too busy trying to be positive. I've got a lot of stuff to gain in my life," said Proctor.

Proctor was at the Federal Way Transit Center January 18, 2008 when an innocent bystander was shot and killed. An eyewitness pointed the finger at Proctor. An arrest warrant was issued and Proctor turned himself in.

"I was pretty nervous, but I didn't want people thinking I did something that I didn't do, so I turned myself in." said Proctor.

Proctor says he expected that surveillance tapes would quickly exonerate him, but the images were grainy and hard to decipher.

His attorneys believed he was innocent and hired a video forensics expert to examine thousands of hours of images. Finally, by comparing Proctor's clothing to the suspects and by doing what are called relative cranial measurements, prosecutors became convinced Glenn Proctor wasn't the killer.

Last Thursday, Proctor was set free.

Proctor spent his 21st birthday in jail, so he spent his first weekend of freedom quietly celebrating that milestone with family and friends.

"Had to celebrate because you know you can't get time back. A lot of stuff you can get back, but you can't get time back," said Proctor.

Federal Way Police say they're following new leads in the case. Proctor was reluctant to discuss exactly what he heard the night of the shooting because he could be called as a witness if there's an arrest.

He also says he hasn't ruled out suing for wrongful imprisonment.

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