Video: Spotlight on Garfield track star Stephone Jordan

SEATTLE - We head to the track with one of the best hurdlers in the state. Garfield's Stephone Jordan stands center stage in this week's Children's Hospital Spotlight.

Jordan is a guy who likes to set goals. In fact, he posts them as notes all over his house, reminding him of the state records he so desperately wants to break.

Last year Stephone was the best. He won state in the 200 meter dash, and the two events he takes personal pride in, the 100 and 300 meter hurdles.

The woman who helped build that mindset of believing in endless possibilities is his mom, Isabel.

So now, the mission for Stephone is clear, set a new state record. He's going after the 100 and 300 meter hurdles with everything he has.

Next year, Stephone will run track on a full scholarship at Hampton Univeristy in Virginia.

He would like a shot at the Olympics, but his long range goals are becoming either a lawyer, or sports broadcaster.

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