SEATTLE -- Everyone has their predictions about what the 2014 regular season will look like for the Seattle Seahawks. Could there be another Super Bowl appearance?

Professional psychic John Skyrman says yes.

As long as they stay out of ego and stay in integrity, said Skyrman. They have to let last year, be last year.

Skyrman, who claims to know nothing about sports, lays out a series of tarot cards in front of him. He reads into what the upcoming season will look like. One by one, each card and its connection to surrounding cards indicates something unique.

First, the star card signifies the team must be grateful, and play the season without ego.

They cannot fly on last year, he said.

However, the team needs to find more patience in the way they play the game, and play more with their heart according to the King of Swords card.

The Wish card suggests the team will see good financial benefits this year, including new perks.

Skyrman believes the Seahawks will win the Thanksgiving night game against the San Francisco 49ers in their new home in Santa Clara. But he does point out a problem for the Seahawks in October.

This could be the 6th game, or the 6th week. Whatever it is, it's going to be kind of lacking in luster, Skyrman sees in his tarot cards. They're going to be riding on a high.

Week 6 is a home game against the Dallas Cowboys, but Game 6 (due to the Seahawks bye week in late September) will be on the road against the St. Louis Rams. Last year, the Seahawks barely escaped St. Louis with a 14-9 win over the Rams, who were playing with a backup at quarterback.

Abundance and Integrity are a common theme among his reading. That includes a hint Skyrman offers about the first match up against division rival the San Francisco 49ers.

I think they win, he says.

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