SEATTLE The summer harvest is ripe for the picking. One local group, City Fruit, is picking and putting unwanted fruits to good use. City Fruit recently added two more locations in Seattle where harvesters pick unwanted fruit trees and deliver the fruits directly to neighborhood food banks.

The concept is simple. Staff and volunteers from City Fruit walk around Seattle neighborhoods, and when they spot a fruit tree, they ll chat with the homeowners to see if they re willing to donate fruits that would otherwise rot or go to waste.

Once the fruit is hand-picked, harvesters drop off crates of fruits to local neighborhood food banks.

We were told that when fresh fruit gets delivered to a food bank, it s like a present on Christmas Day. People get excited for it and are able to take a little extra home. It really goes beyond that visit to the food bank, said City Fruit executive director Catherine Morrison.

Sam Osborne with Rainier Valley Food Bank says in one day, all this fresh fruit will serve 400 500 families.

The local organization is also teaching basic tree care to homeowners to preserve trees and prevent damage to fruits.

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