ALTA LAKE, WA. -- The Alta Lake Golf Course is one of the most popular courses in Central Washington, but on Thursday night when the Carlton Complex fire made its way through it took out the clubhouse, 80 carts, and the cafe. Thankfully the course itself did not see much damage.

Thirty years ago the Barth family bought the place and by 1993 they turned it into a premiere 18-hole golf destination.

It was as ma and pop as it gets, Head Pro Parker Barth said. My dad would go out and water the fairways, my mom would watch the pro shop, and we would take the school bus to school.

Owner Don Barth was on the golf course at the time when the fire took a dangerous twist.

I could just see it blowing down the hill into Pateros, Don Barth said. Police cars were flying up here, stopping us, and saying you guys have just a few minutes to get out.

Barth evacuated immediately, but the next day he came back to a lot of destruction. Not only was his clubhouse gone, his son's dream home was too.

I knew there was not going to be anything, but there's really not anything, Parker's wife Leighanne Barth said as she looked at the destruction. As a parent, of all the scary thoughts of what could happen to your family, our home burning to the ground never was one of them.

For us to run out the other night thinking that we'd just get what we need and be back. And then come back to this. This is hard, Leighanne said.

This was our first home we ever bought and it was our dream home, Parker Barth said. As much as the pro shop was devastating, the home is what got me.

The Barth's say they plan to rebuild in the same places that their home and pro shop were destroyed. Right now they have sprinklers on the fairways as they hope to open the course by the fall. If not they say next summer they will resume play. Don Barth said he hopes his loyal following will stay with them during this difficult time.

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