As internet use continues to grow among kids and teens, so does research studying the effect on young brains. A first-ever conference taking place in Seattle will bring together researchers, educators, and health care experts and providers to discuss the issues. Dr. Megan Moreno from Seattle Children's Research Institute joined host Margaret Larson on the show today with more.

The SMAHRT (Social Media & Adolescent Health Research Team) Conference will take place from July 31st to August 2nd in Seattle. Parents and teens are encouraged to register and attend the event to open up the dialogue surrounding the issue. SMAHRT will also be hosting a live twitter chat on social media and adolescent health tomorrow through the @seattlechildren Twitter handle. Tweet your questions for Dr. Moreno and her team of experts using the hashtag #SMAHRTConf14 between 11am and 12pm PT.

To read more about Dr. Moreno's research and safe internet use for kids and teens, check out the latest blog post from Seattle Children's.

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