ARLINGTON, Wash. -- An interdenominational prayer service Friday night at Haller Middle School in Arlington honored victims, families and first responders affected by the Oso landslide.

Governor Inslee was among the hundreds of people who attended the gathering.

I ve walked away many times, saying to myself, Why God, why? said Chaplain Ralph Fry. And what I do know today is that God s love sustains us, in the darkest moments of our lives.

At the front of the middle school gym where the prayer service was held hung a large banner that said Together. Ministers involved in the planning wanted the night to reflect the connectivity of the neighbors who have pulled together from Oso, Arlington and Darrington.

Twice, the audience stood and clapped for the first responders who continue to search debris for missing people.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, could be prepared for what we encountered, said Arlington Fire Chief Bruce Stedman.

At 10:37 a.m. on that beautiful Saturday, all of our lives were changed forever, said the chaplain with the Arlington Fire Department. The number of victims is beyond understanding - many are in this room. Even if you didn't have direct contact with someone involved, we all are victims.

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