Everytime reporters and photographers go out into the field it is a team effort. And if you talk to those who worked with Bill Strothman, there was no one else you d want on your team when you re covering a story.

He was kind, gracious and ridiculously talented an inspiration to all photojournalists including his own son.

He was a cool dad. He was definitely a cool guy, he was definitely the nicest guy, said Dan Strothman, Bill s son.

Like father like son. Even in the face of tragedy, Dan Strothman chooses to focus on the positive.

We re definitely all going to miss him but it s safe to say he made an impact in this world that will live beyond, that will live forever. I mean I just think about that.

And when Dan thinks about his dad he thinks about how patient he was, but also determined.

Back when Bill first applied for a job at KOMO he was turned down. He didn t give up.

And he called up the person who was in charge of the hiring and he said, I just want to let you know I think you made a bad mistake by not hiring me, recalled Dan.

That call got Bill the job and how it s paid off! Strothman would go on to become chief photographer, win 13 Emmys and be named regional photographer of the year by the National Press Photographer s Association. It was a job he loved.

Dan says every day for the past 30 years, it showed: He was such a kind person and such a great human that he was able to find the human connection in everything he did.

Dan was inspired, too. He, too, is a photojournalist at KOMO.

Telling people s stories was definitely one of my my main motivators. Now, I m not nearly as good as my dad, like I never would be. But I m still doing what I love.

Despite all the darkness of this day, Dan finds lights in his father s legacy. He was a man of deep faith and he did everything in his life to create a better world and he definitely did.

Bill Strothman is survived by his son Dan, his daughter Heidi and his wife Nora. He was 62 years old.

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