It s been a busy couple of days for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in New York. Being a Super Bowl-winning quarterback means everyone wants to talk to you, from late night host Seth Meyers to the Wall Street Journal.

Here s just a sampling of what Wilson had to say this week.

Wilson wants to be an NFL owner | Wall Street Journal

I want to be an owner of a team one day, whether it s baseball or football and maybe even both. So, for me, I d love to get around as many people as I can because, at the end of the day, I want to learn as much as I can so, that way, in my future down the road after playing 20 years, hopefully, for the Seahawks, I can do that.

Wilson would welcome Michael Sam | MSNBC s Morning Joe

He s very courageous to come out and talk about it. You have a lot of respect for somebody that can do that.

If he s on our team, I know that we ll treat him with utmost respect just like everybody else.

Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning go way back | Late Night with Seth Meyers

On going to Peyton Manning s football camp when he was a teenager:

Going through the draft process, you go to all these different teams, said Wilson. The last place I went to was the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning was there ... and I introduced myself. He s like, Don t I know you from somewhere? And I was kind of embarrassed. To be honest with you, you coached me at your camp. He just started dying laughing.

After Wilson talked about the quarterback camp he ll be hosting this summer, Meyers asked, Are you worried now that you know you might coach a kid who beats you in the Super Bowl?

Wilson took a shower at halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII |The DanPatrick show

I took my whole uniform off, I took a shower and everything. Halftime is about 45 minutes, so I took a shower, I re-taped everything, got my arm stretched again, Wilson said. That kinda restarted our minds, so [when] we came out at halftime it felt like it was a brand new game. So that s why I think we played so well.

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