While the Tacoma News Tribune typically informs, on Saturday it was delivered a strong message from frustrated homeowners who collected about 1,000 plastic orange advertisement bags and returned them to the source.

The trash talk is piling up on social media. While the potential to attract crime is a concern, most are worried about the impact of the ads on the environment, especially the Puget Sound.

When you throw litter on the ground and it washes down the storm drain it s going to go right out there, said R.R. Anderson.

The seals, the otters, they can t read the bag that says 'can cause strangulation,' said John Carlton.

It'll be a sad, sad environmental thing, said Anderson.

Anderson helped organize the demonstration.

Anderson says the publisher told him the advertisements are a money thing. With circulation about 30 percent, Anderson was told the paper needs extra income to avoid layoffs.

They ve gotta do what they have to do but we don't think wet plastic bags all over the street is the way to go to win hearts and minds of the community that you're trying to make a living off of, said Anderson.

While residents hope for a solution, Anderson says he the issue won't be put to bed anytime soon.

They said not only is it going to continue but they're expanding the program, University Place is going to be next, he said.

And that means more weekly demonstrations in hopes to prevent more unpleasant headlines.

More bags are coming and you're next, said Anderson.

To opt out of the deliveries, contact or 800-289-8711, and provide your name, address, and phone number.

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