Sister Mary Tracy, president of Eastside Catholic School in Sammamish has resigned following her decision to dismiss the school's gay vice principal for marrying his partner.

That vice principal, Mark Zmuda, spoke about Sister Tracy's resignation to KING 5 Morning News Wednesday. He says it's a shame Sister Mary Tracy lost her job and says he continues to pray for everyone at the school.

I would love my job back at Eastside Catholic, said Zmuda. I think a lot of the students have stood up for me, for this particular reason. If they decided to offer my position back, I would definitely go back and work at Eastside Catholic. It's a fantastic school.

In addition to students, some Eastside Catholic parents have also signed a petition, asking for more change at the school and at the Catholic Church.

I don't know specifically what issue the parents are referring to. I do know at this time, the school has been in some transition and they want some more stability and they would like some strong leadership to kind of help move the school forward, said Zmuda.

Zmuda has created a new foundation headed by Eastside Catholic alumni. He says the foundation is still in the construction stage, but he says it will represent what they stand for and what they believe.

A lot of people have stood up for me and now it's time for me to stand up for others, said Zmuda. We would like to focus on several different things. We want to focus on tolerance, equal rights, we want to focus on just a lot of wonderful things to stand up for, whether it's religious or LBGT rights. We just want to stand up for change.

While his hope is to go back to Eastside Catholic, Zmuda is focusing on putting together his resume again and brushing up his interviewing skills.

I'm still out there trying to find another position someplace because Ido value education and I think I'd be a good administrator, a good teacher someplace.

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