For almost 12 years Sonya Olejar was overbilled by Puget Sound Energy. That whole time she told them there were problems with her bills but PSE did nothing to fix it.

There was something wrong and I knew it, said Olejar.

In total, she had paid upwards of $20,000 for a meter that wasn't hers.

I was so frustrated, exclaimed Olejar.

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission holds utilities responsible when mistakes like this are made. We've been told the WUTC is investigating Sonja's complaint against PSE.

We're at about 580 violations thus far. It may stay at that number but it could go up or down, said Sharon Wallace with the WUTC.

Those violations are just with Sonja's case. It sounds like the regulators are getting tough but think again. The violations may not cost PSE a thing.

We track violations, we record them in the course of providing assistance to a company, said Wallace. The reason we do that is so we can spot trends and trouble spots down the road.

In most cases it takes a recurring issue before the commission will launch an investigation. Here's where you come in. Most people get a bad bill and fight with PSE. Try sending it to the WUTC. Additional legitimate complaints could lead to fines.

We could find that it's a systemic problem within the organization, within the company. At that point, there could be penalties or other enforcements action, explained Wallace.

We were able to help Sonya get all of her money back. Bottom line, if you think your account is wrong, file a complaint with the WUTC. So you won't be kept in the dark about issues with your bill.

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