The King County Sheriff's Office launched Guardian 2 Saturday on a report that someone was swept away by an avalanche at Alpental.

Search and Rescue Deputy Peter Linde said a man up hiking on Chair Peak saw a slide and saw someone being swept away.

Search and Rescue with dogs were called in.

Information started filtering in that the person that was buried had unburied themselves and had hiked out, said Linde.

Linde said the man was not hurt.

Linde said even though there is low snow in the area, there is still avalanche danger.

Even though the ski area is shut down and a very small amount of snow here, above 4,000 feet there's been some fresh snow... sitting on top of a hard pack, crusty layer that snow did not adhere very well and that's what happened - it released, he said.

We got lucky this time the guy that was swept away was not injured, Linde said.

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