It sounds like something straight out of a movie plot: a Ferrari, a high-speed chase, and a bar patron turned passenger on a joyride he wanted no part of.

It happened Sunday night in Olympia. That's when police say the 42-year-old driver was drinking at the West Side Tavern on Harrison Avenue, and offered to give another bar patron a ride home.

The pair were headed down Harrison Avenue when the speeding vehicle caught the attention of Olympia Police. Instead of pulling over, police say the driver started to go faster.

In the minutes that followed, the Ferrari reached speeds of nearly 100 mph, as the unsuspecting passenger inside begged the driver to slow down.

The 27-year-old man was eventually able to jump from the vehicle when it slowed down near an intersection in the downtown area.

That's when he called 911. In the call obtained by KING5, he told dispatchers what happened.

Oh my gosh, I was at this bar with all my friends, andIgot a ride from this guy, and uh, he's in a Ferrari, the man said. He sped away from the cops. He smoked them, Imean, he went so fast.

The man said he called 911 after leaping from the vehicle, because he was scared he might be in danger, or that the driver would come back for him.

Officers chased the driver up Legion Way, where he allegedly swiped a parked car and even a house, before finally coming to a stop at a church on Fourth Avenue.

By that point, police say, there was significant damage to the Ferrari. They say the man got out of the car and surrendered.

On Monday, he was arraigned on charges of eluding a police vehicle and unlawful imprisonment. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, according to authorities. Ajudge set bail at $75,000.

As for the passenger, police say he suffered a few bumps and bruises, but is expected to be okay.

KING5 reached out to him today, but our calls were not returned.

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