A group of 49ers fans who raised money for a billboard in Seattle to brag about their team's five Super Bowl trophies got their sign - but it's nowhere near CenturyLink Field.

The digital billboard is just north of Fife, about 27 miles from downtown Seattle.

Niners fans raised money through the fundraising site gofundme.com. They raised more than the $7,000 needed to pay for the billboard so the rest will go to charity.

A Seahawks fan wants to do the same thing in San Francisco, but to promote Seattle Children's hospital and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

On Sunday, a Facebook event invited the 12th man to photo bomb the billboard on Dec. 28.

The 49ers thought they would out do us by putting up a billboard near our stadium.. epic fail since it isn't even in the same county!!! Let's get together and show them a billboard doesn't scare off the 12th Man and have a photo bomb of the billboard. You know how we do!! the page says.

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