Northwest Harvest serves a meal that nourishes the body and the soul.

But behind the hundreds of bags of potatoes, is a prodigious procurement effort that feeds thousands each week.

Mike Regis with Northwest Harvest told Jesse Jones, Last week for thanksgiving we served 2,300 people on Monday and 1,700 on Wednesday.

When serving that many people a week, Regis must stretch each donated dollar by increasing his culinary reach.

Vegetables and fruits come from Eastern Washington and cost less than 12 cents a pound.
Salmon is donated from a company in Bellingham.

All together, Northwest Harvest can complete a meal for a family of three for just 67 cents.

We get the food for pretty much next to nothing. Then we are able to work it and able to put it out for people so that we can offer lots of products we think are nutritious and good for people , Regis said.

Jesse Jones tried to beat that deal by shopping at Pike Place Market and didn t even come close.

For $2 all I came up with were a few bites of salmon, half of a piece of sausage and a handful of grapes.

The bottom line: Northwest Harvest makes it happen because it has very smart people and help from donors and volunteers.

And you can chip in through Home Team Harvest. The goal this year is four million meals.

And with Mike Regis getting the groceries, know that your money is well spent.

If you want more information on Home Team Harvest

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