They fell in love because they both loved the Seahawks. Then, they got married on the fifty yard line of the stadium. Now, a husband and wife from Seattle are turning to their fellow Seahawks fans to grow their family.

Alexis and Chris Lundberg both were raised as Seahawks fans. Mutual friends set them up in college because of their love for the team, and the night they met, the team was playing a preseason game.

I knew she was the one because she was angry, physically upset, because they lost a preseason game. And I'm going, really? It's a preseason game, it's fine! That's when Iknew I loved this girl, said Chris Lundberg.

Not long after, they became the very first couple to get married on the 50-yard line of the stadium. They also bought season tickets. That was in 2004.

Nine years later, they are the parents of two little boys, ages six and three. More recently, they felt like they were being called to adopt.

I went to Africa on a mission trip and something stirred in my heart while I was there, and came back and talked to my wife and said I've been thinking about this, what do you think about it, said Chris.

The couple spent several months talking about the idea and researching what it takes to adopt a child. They looked into international adoptions and adopting through the foster care system, but eventually decided a domestic adoption was the best fit for their family.

We just felt like, we can do this, we can grow our family this way. It was exciting, said Alexis Lundberg.

Through their research, they also learned it can cost between $20,00 and $40,000 for a domestic adoption through an adoption agency, which is what they want to do.

Ideally, they'd like to adopt a baby girl, and have already told their sons about their plan to bring a daughter into their family.

Every night they pray, please bring our sister to us soon, help bring her home really, really, really soon, said Alexis.

Like most families seeking to adopt, their journey has not been an easy one.

Last year, the Lundbergs were matched up with a birth mom, only to learn she lost the baby 34 weeks into the pregnancy.

She called to let us know she'd lost the baby, she didn't have a heartbeat anymore, said Alexis. So we lost our baby. It was hard, it was hard to process through.

Then, more recently, they got a call that a birth mom was interested in them. On the very same day they got that call, the grant funding they'd been counting on to pay for the adoption somehow fell through.

Chris says he had a strange dream that night that helped him decide what to do next.

Right before I woke up, I heard this voice that said your faith is too small, and I jolted awake, he said. And right away, I had this vision, we need to sell these Seahawks tickets for $32,000.

They're asking $32,000 for their two tickets to Monday night's game against the Saints. The couple admits the tickets are nowhere near worth that amount, but are hoping a generous Seahawks fan might be interested.

They're $55 face value seats, said Chris. But they're special to us because we've had them a long time, and you know, this is our family. It's worth it to see if someone wants to be a part of our story and pay a ridiculous amount of money and be a part of a miracle in our family, and to go to one of the best games.

The couple posted an ad on EBay that shows a sign showing their two sons, holding a sign that says 'Please Bring Our Sister Home'. They remain faithful someone will buy the tickets over the coming days.

I'm hopefully that by next Thanksgiving, we'll have our daughter here and be thankful for that, said Alexis.

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