A bomb scare at a Bremerton hospital prompted evacuations at a Poulsbo mobile home park Thursday.

According to Bremerton Police, a 43-year-old woman walked into the emergency room at Harrison Medical center around 8 a.m. and told staff she had a bomb in her car parked in front of the entrance.

As a precaution, staff cordoned off the area and directed patients towards other entrances.

A bomb squad responded and took the item away. Police later determined it was an agricultural field bomb, with six Carbon Dioxide canisters wrapped around it.

The woman was booked into Kitsap County Jail for possession of an explosive device. Her bail was set at $100.000.

While Bremerton Police investigated, officers became suspicious the woman may have explosives inside her Poulsbo home.

Police came and said you need to go, said Oscar Montes De Oca, a neighbor.

Poulsbo police acted swiftly, evacuating eight surrounding homes.

When I heard that I got my kid and left, said Dulce Vasquez.

Washington State Patrol K-9 units scoured the perimeter, trying to pick up a scent of gun powder or other chemicals outside the trailer but didn t pick anything up.

Bomb Squad members eventually entered the home and found a suspicious item.

It s very similar to the one they took in Bremerton, said Deputy Chief Robert Wright, Poulsbo Police.

Police haven t confirmed what the device is yet.

Let s see what happens, so we can get back to our normal life, said Montes De Oca.

Police think another man, a transient that stays with the woman, might also be involved. So far, he hasn t been located.

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