On Thursday, lawmakers will return to Olympia for a rare November special session. Governor Jay Inslee wants them to approve a $10 billion transportation spending bill, because he says it will ensure the 777x is built in Washington.

KING 5 caught up with the governor on Wednesday, on the eve of that special session.

We're going to ask legislators to work as fast as humanly possible and get this job done as fast as humanly possible, he said.

The transportation revenue package being proposed would give tax breaks to Boeing and pump money into state highways and bridges the company wants improved.

It is a plan that's not without controversy, because it expansions and repairs to those roadways would likely be paid for with a gas tax that lawmakers haven't been able to agree on for months.

Inslee says he hopes Democrats and Republicans will work together to get this done.

We have 56,000 jobs, potentially, in aerospace, 56,000 families in the state of Washington, if we can get this job done, its going to be a great thing, not only for those Boeing families, but families across the state. It would be be a huge step forward, not just this year, but literally for decades to come.

The machinists union also plans to send ten representatives to Olympia on Thursday, to lobby lawmakers to support the transportation spending plan, along with all legislation that has to do with Boeing.

Inslee remains hopeful that can get it all hashed out in the next week.

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