SEATTLE -- The latest voting numbers released early Wednesday night show state Senator Ed Murray maintaining a double-digit lead over incumbent Mike McGinn in Seattle's mayoral race.

The latest numbers, released 4:30 p.m., show Murray with 56% over McGinn's 44%. King County Elections planned to released another ballot count report at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

While McGinn has not conceded, it's clear Seattle is on its way to electing a new mayor.

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McGinn planned to hold a 10:30 a.m. news conference on Thursday. Murray says he's already planning an overhaul at City Hall.

I assume that the mayor will act like other mayors and have a smooth transition. I reached out to both him and his supporters last night in my remarks, Murray said Wednesday.

Murray has a lot on his plate. He says the first order of business is to fix Seattle s police department and comes short of saying clean house at City Hall.

We ll evaluate each department and each department head and they are also are making their own decisions, said Murray.

Senator Murray goes back to Olympia Thursday for the special session on Boeing and to pass a transportation bill, one that could postpone Metro s looming 17 percent service cuts.

There s still a chance in the next session to solve this, and it s not just Metro that at stake, said Murray.

McGinn campaign had held out hope that later ballots would trend in his favor. While the numbers showed some slight improvement for him Wednesday, he was still losing among those more recent ballots.

Murray and McGinn had largely campaigned with similar policy positions, but they offered contrasting styles of how to lead the Northwest's largest city. Murray's call for a more collaborative approach led him to build a broad range of endorsements and financial support.

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