LONG BEACH, Wash. -- Washington Fish and Wildlife agents are trying to trap a bear that killed a dog and bit a woman Friday at Long Beach.

The department s deputy chief of enforcement, Mike Cenci, says the woman was treated at a hospital and returned home the same day.

The 62 year old woman tells KING5 she was letting the dogs out the back door early Friday morning, when all hell broke loose.

Her dog encountered the bear, which was apparently raiding a garbage on her back porch. She said it was so dark she couldn't see the animal. She used a broom to hit it, and it barreled past her, biting her on the hip.

She found her schnauzer, Buddy, mauled to death in the back yard.

It wasn't until she went to the hospital and called Fish and Wildlife, that she realized a bear had attacked her.

Four officers responded, bringing a Karelian bear dog from Tacoma, but it could not pick up the scent.

Fish and Wildlife officers say the Long Beach peninsula has seen more bears in recent years, partly because people have been feeding them. Some have done it by leaving their trash out. Others have done it intentionally.

The problem is that bears become too accustom to humans, and when that happens they are a danger to the neighborhood.

Deputy Chief Mike Cenci, with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, says they plan to catch this bear, and euthanize it.

I'm not going to lay awake at night thinking I'm playing Russian Roulette with an individual's life, Cenci said.

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