Kendra Mack is employed by a vet but is also getting worked by Good to Go. Her most recent toll bill was $7,000.

I don't know what I'm going to do! I'm stuck. I don't have that kind of money, exclaimed Mack.

Kendra says she didn't get the notices, which is true. It was because her address isn't complete on her vehicle registration. It appears someone left off her apartment number when she renewed her tabs.

I would pick up my tabs and I would just grab and go. It wasn't something I was paying specific attention to, said Mack.

We've received dozens of complaints from drivers saying they didn't receive their Good to Go bills. I've found that many have a common theme - their contact information with the state isn't up to date.

You're required to have a valid department of licensing address, explained Craig Stone with Washington Department of Transportation.

Stone said Good to Go gets your contact information from the Department of Licensing.

If you don't have a pass we'll look up your license plate. And what we do is go to the Department of Licensing's files and we take that current file from Department of Licensing and that's who we mail the bill to said Stone.

Sometimes people get nailed by the mail. Lisa Berube owes Good to Go $400 in tolls. Her issue wasn't an address. Instead it was because her car is registered in her maiden name.

There was an issue with my address and every single toll bill that I had been sent, including every single civil penalty I'd been made aware of had been sent back to them, explained Berube.

We spoke to the Postal Service, who said Lisa's bills were returned because he/she apparently was not the regular carrier and didn't recognize the name as being valid at that address.

Tonight go to DOL's website and make sure your information is correct. If it is up-to-date and you're still not getting bills, contact Good to Go.

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