SEATTLE -- A night time shelter for homeless Seattle teens is about to close.

The Orion Center, at the base of Capitol Hill, lost its private funding and will close its night shelter on February 1. Orion provides nearly 20 percent of the shelter beds for young adults in Seattle.

Homeless young people in Seattle say the closure will hurt.

People get restless. That's when they start to get angry and violent for no reason. When people get no sleep and get cold, people die. People get sick, said J.J.Purcel, who is homeless and stays at the Orion night shelter on occasion.

We will have more youth and young adults sleeping on the street, exposed to trauma, be sexually exploited. It means they will be selling themselves to meet their basic needs, said Hedda McLendon, Orion programs director.

Seattle City Council President Sally Clark is pushing for city funding to keep the night shelter open.

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