One of the candidates for Seattle Mayor has three unpaid parking tickets.

While working at a part time, $50,000 a year job at the University of Washington in community outreach, State Senator Ed Murray racked up three tickets.

I'll pay my parking ticket, I didn't even know I had a parking ticket, Murray said.

They total $235 and were sent to a collection agency.

Murray says he will pay the tickets and is looking for the paperwork from the collection agency.

I mean I think there are more serious things in this race than the fact that I didn't know I had a parking ticket, Murray said.

Incumbent, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, is not snapping at this one, other than pointing out When I get a parking ticket I hang my head and hand it to my wife and she pays it.

Murray's parking tickets are confined to the University of Washington campus, there are none in Seattle.

According to municipal court files, McGinn has no outstanding tickets.

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