KELSO, Wash. -- One of the two funeral homes under investigation for potentially mixing up two corpses was already the subject of a financial investigation.

A state Department of Licensing spokesperson would not reveal the details of its investigation into the Dahl McVickers Funeral Homes in Kelso.

Dahl McVickers and Brown Mortuary Service of Chehalis are under investigation by the Department of Licensing following a funeral that went wrong Monday.

The services for Jerry Moon went from emotional to upsetting for his relatives when they realized another man was in his casket.

Moon had been cremated, which he had feared during his lifetime, said his family members. The man in the casket was Bob Petitclerc, of Kelso.

It makes me angry, said Petitclerc's stepson, Ron Dodson.

He said his mother, who was married to Petitclerc for 50 years, felt like her husband died all over again when she learned of the mistake.

The state is trying to figure out what happened.

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