SEATTLE -- As she recovers at Ronald McDonald House from her heart transplant, 11-year-old Allison Christensen of Shelton still marvels at the attention she's receiving from a gift she made for Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson.

Three weeks ago at a September 26 news conference, Wilson held up the wallet made of duct tape that she had given him two days earlier when he visited her at Seattle Childrens.

This is perfect, he grinned, showing off the wallet with Seahawks colors and logo.

That same day,Christensenreceived her life-saving heart transplant.

In the following weeks, Wilson would visit her at the hospital twice and tweeted about how happy he was that she had a successful surgery.

Christensensays she had made 15 wallets to pass the time. After Wilson's press conference, they were snatched up by eager customers willing to pay. She's making more as she feels up to it.

She has one regret, however. She was too shy to ask Russell Wilson a burning question during his visits. She gives a shy smile. What kind of gum does Pete Carroll chew?

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