Kent police released more details in Monday morning's collision involving a Kent school bus driver and another bus.

According to police, the bus driver who had struck the other driver said she had wiped down the front windshield and side windows before moving her bus to ensure she could see. An investigator at the scene said the front windshield and driver's left side window were clear, but the front left side corner window appeared fogged over with condensation.

As the bus exited the main parking area, it began making a left turn onto a driveway that lead to an intersection with a marked crosswalk. Another bus driver was walking in the crosswalk to get to her own bus when she was hit by the bus.

The driver said she never saw the pedestrian, but did hear a crunch as she made the turn. She immediately stopped her bus, got out and discovered she had struck the pedestrian. She thought what she heard was the pedestrian's plastic cup shattering.

Kent Fire and Medics arrived at the scene and treated the pedestrian for a broken leg and a serious head injury.

Police said it appears the cause of the collision was the driver's failure to see the pedestrian in the marked crosswalk. The dark and foggy weather conditions and the fogged up left corner window of the bus were contributing factors in the collision.

The injured bus driver remains in serious condition in the ICU at Harborview Medical Center.

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