A new poll by Microsoft revealed that the majority of parents allow their children to use the internet or gaming devices without supervision by the time they are eight years old.

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, the survey asked parents what age they would allow children unsupervised access to technologies such as mobile devices, social sites and online services. An overwhelming 94 percent of parents allowed their children to go online or use a device.

For children under seven years old, 29 percent were allowed to use mobile phones without supervision, 40 percent were allowed to use a computer, and 41 percent were allowed to use a gaming console.

The survey also indicated that adults without children said they would be tougher on supervision than actual parents.

There is no magic age, but rather, parents should take into consideration the appropriateness for their individual family and responsibility or maturity level of their child, said Kim Sanchez, director of online safety at Microsoft, in a statement.

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