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SEATTLE -- At first you hear different notes -- a blast from a trumpet, the bang on a drum -- but it only takes moments for the instruments to be tuned.

Then Roosevelt High School Jazz Band Director Scott Brown approaches the stand. With a wave of his arms, the music starts. And cool seeps into the room.

The Roosevelt High School Jazz Band is an award-winning, internationally-recognized high school music group.

We are a team, said Brown. We work together to bring music to people.

And what music! The 26 students in the program had to go through a rigourous tryout to earn a seat. This tight-knit group of kids work together to excel at their music.

High School senior John Otten has been playing trumpet for 6 years. I love jazz music, it speaks to the heart and the soul, he said.

Roosevelt High School Jazz band is one of the bands featured in this year's Earshot Jazz Festival. The festival is a smorgasboard of jazz bands and artists featured at different venue's from now through November. The festival has a rich tradition in Seattle as it celebrates its 25th year.

This is a chance for die-hard fans and newcomers to jazz to really get an opportunity to hear live music and get exposure to all forms of jazz, said John Gilbreath, Executive Director of Earshot Jazz.

Roosevelt High School Jazz Band will play Friday October 18th at Benaroya Hall at 7:30 p.m. You can purchase tickets here . The cost is $11 for students, $22 general admission and $20 for seniors.

Information on the many other Earshot Jazz Festival performances can be viewed here.

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