SEATTLE -- Depression and mental illness will be at the forefront this weekend in Seattle. Depressed Cake Shop, a new pop-up store, is opening for a day in Seattle s Capitol Hill neighborhood Saturday.

Depressed cake pop-up stores first started appearing in the United Kingdom in August. Now, the concept is spreading to the West Coast. Bakers and pastry chefs are coming together to sell grey cakes and baked goods, but inside the sweet treats are filled with color to symbolize hope and recovery.

I didn't realize, when opening up our shop two years ago, we're almost like bartenders, Donna Lawson, owner of Stuffed Cakes, said. We see people on their very best days coming in for weddings and birthdays, but then we see also get people on some of their saddest things.

The event organizers hope the unique, grey baked goods will open up the door for conversation on a subject that's often seen as a stigma. According to the National Institute of Health, one in four families have someone who suffers from severe depression and mental illness.

There's not enough resources, and that's why these events are so important, said Christine Lindquist, Executive Director of the National Alliance of Mental Illness of Greater Seattle. We have to help people every year on less money, so we have to be very creative on how to bring money in.

The Depressed Cake Shop will pop-up tomorrow at the Sole Repair Shop on 1001 East Pike Street in Seattle from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All proceeds will go to NAMI, a non-profit group which helps people suffering from mental illness around the Puget Sound.

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