Two teachers accused of abuse are back on the job, even though the investigation still isn't over.

Marshall Elementary's special education program was supposed to be a safe haven for Angi Wilson's 7-year-old daughter Katie.

She has fetal alcohol syndrome, she is an adopted child, said Wilson.

But Wilson says that safe haven wasn't safe at all. Instead, when Katie acted out, the teacher and paraeducator put her in a what her mom calls a crude form of a time-out, over and over again.

She was being put in a closet at Marshall Elementary for up to two hours at a time, said Wilson.

They are serious allegations. So the Marysville School District opened an investigation and placed both instructors on paid administraive leave. That investigation isn't over. But we've learned the two teachers in question are back to work.

And I found that out a week-and-a-half, two weeks ago. And I am fired up, said Wilson.

District officials wouldn't go on camera but say they consulted with their legal counsel before deciding to place both the teacher and paraeducator in a different Marysville school. The district's risk management director and human resources director say they respect the rights of their employees, and at this point these are still allegations. They are confident that with increased supervision, there is no threat to student safety.

It's B.S., said Wilson. Nobody has reached out to any of those families and they need to know.

In the meantime, Wilson says Marshall Elementary's principal and the school psychologist denied her request to transfer Katie to another school. And it's taking a serious toll.

She's still in a trauma zone, in my eyes, said Wilson. She doesn't want to go to school, she has an upset stomach every morning, her medications went from two medications to seven.

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